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  • 10 ways to stand out at work 11th March 2015

    10 Ways to Stand Out at Work

    If you are new, hoping for a promotion or are looking for some recognition then it is important to stand out at work. Reading these points and trying to apply them to your work will help you become noticed! Some ways may take time and effort but in the end it will have a great outcome.

    1. How to improve your value

    If you want senior management to value your contribution, you need to use your initiative. Think about the areas where you can genuinely add value. Don’t just stick to your job description, look for additional responsibilities and / or help others. This will also help you to develop your skills and value to the organisation.

    2. Help others

    Help others, if you are able, with work challenges if you see they’re struggling. Encourage those who need it or just being ‘an ear to listen’ to their problems. If someone in your team is struggling it can affect the entire team’s performance. Try to find solutions for their difficulties. Sometimes people just need a bit of reassurance to get them back on track. Be careful though – don’t become just a shoulder to cry on.

    3. Speak up (but remember think before you speak)

    While most may be happy to sit back and listen, don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts at meetings provided they add value to the discussion. This shows that you are actively thinking about how to make improvements. Contribute to other people’s ideas as long as it is constructive and positive. If you are unsure of what is being said don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. It’s worse to just sit there not knowing. Remember if you’re not sure, then most probably there are others in the room not sure but who are afraid to ask. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Just think before you speak. Avoid just speaking for the sake of saying something, as it will devalue all the positive contributions you have made.

    4. Professional appearance

    It goes without saying that you need to present a professional appearance. If you look messy people might associate your work with being messy. Your appearance should send the message you want people to take you seriously so dress in a manner that reflects that. Keep an eye on your body language and be confident. Just be sure that you do not go too far and appear arrogant.

    5. Know your data

    Keep up to date on your latest figures. It inspires confidence, if you know what you are talking about without constantly referring to lots of notes. Try to be aware of the overall position of the business and other departments where it effects your department. It is essential keep up to date, to continue learning about the field you are working in. Follow articles, blogs and market trends to keep yourself up to date.

    6. Build good work relationships

    Be friendly to all staff members, remember nobody is unimportant. President Kennedy once asked a man sweeping the NASA launch pad what his job was, the man replied “I am helping to put a man on the Moon”. Try to remember people’s names and their interests will help you identify and remember them in future. Just avoid being a chatterbox. Again remember think before you speak.

    7. How do you deal with problems?

    Don’t just point out problems and sit back, because this could get you a reputation for being negative. Try to think things through, be proactive and anticipate problems and come up with solutions. Remember that if you know enough to see a problem then you probably can see a solution. Just remember to explain clearly why and where you see the problem and then present your solution. Remember “no problems without solutions”.

    8. Be known for something

    Identify your key strengths and skills. See how you can use these to help others. Even if it is small, become the go-to person for something. Try to gain a reputation for being a reliable source of information. It might be easier to focus one aspect of your role and develop it. Be known as the person who follows things up and gets things done.

    9. Compliment others

    Complimenting others makes them feel good. It is important to recognise when someone does a good job. Giving people credit for their contribution builds good working relations and team spirit. Both these qualities are ones that you want to be remembered for. This will help you to stand out at work for the right reasons.

    10. Work hard

    This one might seem obvious but it will be the most successful. Most people don’t work as hard as they can, so work harder than anyone else and your efforts will be noticed. As Steve Martin the actor said “Be so good they can’t ignore you”. Take on extra tasks when you can and do them well.



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