Month: March 2013

We’re in a competitive environment so making sure you have a high performance culture is critical if you want to compete but also survive in business. Building a high performance culture doesn’t depend on one or two things, it’s about getting a range of factors right that support what the company is looking to achieve. Without a […]

What gets measured gets done but are you measuring the right information? We’ve all heard the expression “what gets measured gets done,” but sometimes we get tied up with data, scorecards, evaluations and metrics etc. We can get lost in the measurements and forget why we are doing it at all. Do we have the […]

The 3 things a manager needs to know from the team members: 1. What are you doing? 2. Why are you doing it? 3. When are you going to have it done? It sounds basic but all managers need clarity around what their team is doing. A good way of doing that is to ask […]

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