Month: July 2013

The importance of achieving agility In the past, performance management has carried the reputation of a daunting task that neither managers nor employees looked forward to or saw much value in. Annual reviews were the dark cloud looming over organisations at the year end, full of paperwork and meetings keeping every member on their toes […]

The first three to four months are crucial for a new employee.  It is the easiest time to lose a new staff member if they are not engaged with and haven’t been properly inducted into the organisation. Many managers and employers see the employee induction process as tedious, time-consuming, and an overall waste of resources, […]

In an ever-changing world where becoming comfortable means that something new is sure to come along and shake things up, it is safe to assume that an adaptable, functional, and agile organisation will come out on top and outpace its competitors. CEO’s recorded in a recent survey done by Accenture that becoming agile is now […]

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