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  • Resolutions_for_managers 10th December 2013

    New Year’s resolutions for managers

    Resolutions for managers Christmas is almost upon us and soon I will have moved onto planning New Year’s Eve celebrations. Next its considering resolutions for the 2014, e.g. less chocolate, more exercise, more reading, less TV etc. But what about some resolutions for myself in my job. Less telling, more asking, more personal effectiveness in less […]

  • Maintaining_good_pm 10th December 2013

    6 Tips for maintaining good performance management in 2014!

    Maintaining performance Getting the year off to a good start is important to us all and then maintaining that throughout the year is key. Here are 6 tips on maintaining good performance management with your manager so that you can have another engaging and successful year. 1. Regular feedback is good for everyone Ask for regular […]

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  • Performance Feedback 9th December 2013

    The golden rule of good performance feedback

    So it’s performance feedback time! How do you feel about this part of the performance management process? It certainly comes more easily to some managers more than others, with many dreading it in my experience. So what is the golden rule? The golden rule of performance feedback is really quite simple. It’s about making it […]

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    CEO @ Talentevo. Connect with Trevor on Google+

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