3 Things great managers do

We’ve all had experience of a great manager during our career (and hopefully more than one!). Cast your mind back to that experience, what did they do that made them great? And what impact did that have on you…. more motivated, focused, energised, valued?

Now imagine your own team. How do they feel? Are they all motivated, focused and energised? Do they feel valued? Well, we’ve done some research ourselves and below are 3 things that great managers do.

1.       What about me!

Get to know your employees and what makes them tick. What’s important to them in their working life? Is it getting out on time, social interaction with others, connectivity with the organisation, flexibility etc? Consider how do they like to learn? Some people like to learn by analysing and gathering all the information available, others like to watch and learn from others, and others learn best by doing it themselves. Knowing what makes them tick will help you to work with them to maximise their potential and get their very best performance.

2.       Maximise potential!

Ask your employees about their best day in the past three months – what were they up to and why did they enjoy it? It could be closing that sale, helping a client with a particular problem, or improving a process. Establish what skills and behaviours were at play at the time. Work with them to focus their activities and deliverables towards using these skills and behaviours more frequently. If they are having a great day, the company is having a great day too.  Lots of great days from all your employees will result in a great performance for the team, department and company!

3.       Value contribution

Different employees will prefer different types of recognition. We are all wired differently and this is especially so between different generations (Generation Y, Baby-boomers, and the Millennials!). Get to know your team individually to understand how they like to be valued – it’s not always about the money!  It could be informal 121 acknowledgement over a coffee, recognition within the team, a quick email with your manager copied in with a “well done and thank you”, a project opportunity, a couple of hours off to do Christmas shopping or more formal form of recognition within the organisation. Whatever it is, find out and make the time to appreciate great performance!

Great managers get to know their teams! They maximise potential and value contribution regularly and effectively. Their teams feel more motivated, focused, energised and valued. And this means great performance both for the individuals and for the company!

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