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  • 5_ways_blog 10th February 2015

    5 Simple Ways To Make The Workplace Happier

    It has been said that employees that are happier produce better work, are more creative and provide better customer service.

    So here are 5 simple ways to make the workplace happier:

    1. Create a positive environment

    Working in an uncomfortable environment can cause people to feel frustrated and undervalued. Try to keep the room temperature between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. Offices that are more open planned, encourages more face to face contact, which leads to happier employees.


    2. Focus on individuals strengths

    Each employee has different strengths or skills which should be acknowledged. You will help them to improve these skills by setting realistic tasks and make them feel they have achieved something. This will create satisfaction and a happier more positive attitude.


    3. Create social time

    It is important to take time to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays or holidays. This encourages staff to bond over non-work related topics in a positive atmosphere which helps to form friendships.


    4. Be a better boss

    Be friendly and say hello. Show interest in others and communicate often. Make sure to reward and compliment others on a good performance. This will make people feel important and valued.


    5. Have some fun

    Try incorporating little bits of fun into the day which makes for a happier workplace. Do things that will brighten the mood, such as having a funny screensaver for your computer or a customised mouse matt. Just make sure the fun you have is appropriate to your type of workplace. Organise small competitions on a regular basis or have a basketball hoop over the bin, these help provide some amusement ‘Time flies when you’re having fun!’



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