7 Great New Features At Talentevo

We’re delighted to announce 7 new enhancements to our Performance Management Software solution and want to thank all our customers and partners for their fantastic feedback when developing these features. We’re already working hard on the next phase of great features!

1. New Dynamic Dashboard Reports
Quickly see where people are in the process, how they are performing and compare across the organisation. These new dashboard graphs can be easily exported into management reports.



2. Simple Login
We have improved our login page and implemented a new ‘Forgot password’ feature making it easy to access and manage passwords.

3. Accessing Team Information

We’ve made is easier to access team member information and see how they are performing with our new “Team page”.



4. Easy Administration
We’ve broadened the employee data that client’s can capture which includes additional and relevant employee records. We’ve also made it easier to navigate and find information.



5. Import & Export Employee Data
Using the upload feature clients can now import and export all their employee data at the click of a button. This makes updates and integration with other HR systems simple.



6. Add & Assign Team Goals
Create and assign team / department goals as well as company goals giving additional levels to goal setting.



7. Improved Performance
We’ve improved the overall performance of the software especially when handling large volumes of data.

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