Why Talentevo

Take the pain and frustration out of a time consuming process

By centralising and automating the review process Talentevo allows HR managers to refocus on staff development and helping employees perform better. It empowers HR managers with the strategic information they need to make better business decisions.

Quick, easy and effective

Talentevo is a central hub for the entire performance management process. It brings all the required activities together into an organised, secure, easy to manage environment.

Saving time

Everything in the one place where the right people can access the right information at the right time. Realtime insight into team performance and capability gaps.

No IT people required. No hardware or software. Pay as you go.

Quick and easy to use

Simple screens with a simple process so it’s easy for you and your employees to use and support.

It’s easy to use because we’ve invested our time, skills and experience to make it easy.

Business benefits

Improve employee alignment, engagement and retention by ensuring everyone is pointed in the right direction. Have clear insight into individual and team performance.

What gets measured gets done.


Engaged employees are more likely to ‘go the extra mile’ for the organisation to improve results.

We believe that the output of good performance management is a working relationship between the manager and the employee. Employee engagement is key to your company’s success. We believe good performance management is an ongoing process and not an event. It’s about the relationship and regular two way communication between line managers and employees.

Done well this drives employee engagement which in turn drives organisational results. Talentevo’s automated performance management software gives HR and managers a better insight into their teams performance and actual performance of individual employees..

At Talentevo we believe in employee engagement:
  • Performance is a process and not an event
  • Your staff are worth listening too and worth investing time in
  • Employee engagement is largely based on manager and staff interactions
  • Employee engagement drives results


It’s critical in the current competitive environment to align your staff with your business goals.

Research shows that high performing companies achieve better results through effective employee alignment.

High performing companies focus on their people, making sure they know what to do and how to do it. Employees understand where they fit and how they contribute to organisational performance and its’ success. Employee alignment gives your company and your people that competitive edge through the benefits of automated performance management.

Talentevo’s employee alignment software allows companies to:
  • Align employees with business goals
  • Optimise resources and skills and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Ensure employee engagement – get everyone pointed in the right direction to ensure company success


Retaining key employees is critical to the long term health and success of your business.

Retaining key employees is critical to the long term health and success of your business.

Talentevo provides a performance management framework that supports these conversations so you can support, nurture and retain the right talent in your organisation. Employee Performance Management Software provides you with a number of key benefits.

Talentevo facilitates talent retention. It allows you to:
  • Highlight top performers who play key roles in delivering the results for the organisation
  • Improve communications and the ability to better support and retain talent.
  • Focus on employee strengths and progress their careers

Staff development

Empower employees and managers by giving them the ability to manage staff development and training.

When staff development and training records are tracked manually it is time consuming and difficult to manage. By empowering staff to track their own information it frees up HR time to reinvest in staff development..

Talentevo allows you to:
  • Employees and managers enter staff development without HR support
  • Target HR and training investment based on actual data
  • Optimise resources and skills and identify opportunities for improvement

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