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So you’re thinking of implementing a performance management solution at your company but you are not sure where to start or what you need to consider. Here’s a short checklist to help you prepare so you give yourself the best opportunity for a successful rollout! Like with any project the more effort you put into […]

A HR manager asked me recently when should they consider moving to a performance management solution like Talentevo. So here are 5 questions to ask yourself about your current performance review process and would suggest if the answer is yes to a majority of these then you should consider a solution like Talentevo. 1. Do […]

At Talentevo, we believe that at the heart of a great performance management process, is the conversation between a line manager and his/her employee. When this communication is an effective and positive experience for both, there is an opportunity to accelerate learning and to therefore improve performance through coaching. So how can we start coaching […]

I have been reflecting recently on being part of a successful team. Having participated in a number of sports some at a national and European level has given me the opportunity to work with some leading sports coaches. Their role was pivotal in the success of the teams – defining and then supporting the team […]

As well as performing a final review of the year many people have already started thinking about next year and what they want to achieve. A good way of capturing this is to use SMART objectives. Objectives are concrete achievements. They describe what you are expected to do in your job over a period of […]

We’ve all had experience of a great manager during our career (and hopefully more than one!). Cast your mind back to that experience, what did they do that made them great? And what impact did that have on you…. more motivated, focused, energised, valued? Now imagine your own team. How do they feel? Are they […]

It’s that time of year again, we’re all busy trying to close out the year and finalise end-of-year reviews for all our staff. Why bother doing Performance Appraisals! It’s something we’ve all said to ourselves at one stage or another. There is lots of debate about this especially at this time of year. We’ve seen it on LinkedIn and recently […]

Over the next 8 weeks, we will be sharing informative blog posts about performance management. Whether you are a manager or an employee these tips will help to improve your performance reviews. Our first post is about 8 tasks that will help you to prepare for a final performance review. Preparing for final reviews can […]

Do people in your organisation look forward to the Performance Reviews or is it greeted with a groan of dismay from over stretched managers and staff.  I have personal experience of both these reactions where employees and staff eagerly looking forward to the Performance Review. I have also joined in the collective groan when annual […]

There are two widely adopted models of human resource management. These are the hard and soft HR models.   As we are aware these are predicated on different views of human nature and result in different managerial control strategies. The hard model is based on ideas of control and an economic model of man according […]

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