Building a high performance culture

We’re in a competitive environment so making sure you have a high performance culture is critical if you want to compete but also survive in business.

Building a high performance culture doesn’t depend on one or two things, it’s about getting a range of factors right that support what the company is looking to achieve. Without a high performance culture you cannot motivate your people to change, without change you are not going to get off the starting blocks. Here are some of those factors for consideration:

Clearly define what success looks like

If you want to make 1,000 sales by the end of the year, be the top brand in your sector, hire 100 people etc., then spell it out and make sure everyone is crystal clear these are the goals. Reinforce these goals at regular and appropriate times and keep everyone updated on how the company is progressing.

Get everyone pointing in the right direction

Make sure everyone understands how their role supports the company goals and how their contribution really makes a difference. From the person who answers the phone and creates that critical first impression, to sales people to customer care and support. They all need to be aligned and pointing in the same direction – the right direction!

Managers need to manage

Managing employee performance is a key part of being a good manager. Research has shown that managers who get it right can produce fantastic results compared to those that don’t.

Make performance management agile

This means clearly communicating what is required on a regular basis. Provide feedback in a timely fashion and do not wait until year end. Listen to feedback, ask team members what they think or what could be improved.

Trust and transparency

It’s important that you share and delegate to your team. Get people involved and increase your team’s sense of ownership and responsibility. Trust them to do a good job. Have the right support and environment in place then let them at it. Don’t get in their way once you’ve set their path.

To be a high performance culture company you need to understand what factors work best for you. Plan and execute. Sounds simple right!



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