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  • Cathy Gilmore Blog 9th September 2011

    Big T, little T…

    I have been working with Talentevo for the last year after 8 great years as head of HR at Tesco Ireland.

    When I met Trevor and we spoke about performance management software and his vision for Talentevo I found it very compelling. Why? Because it would have made my life at Tesco a hell of lot easier! Straight away I could see how such a system could have saved me a significant amount of time allowing me to focus on more pressing issues rather than chasing documents around the place.

    Talentevo is a smaller organisation in a very different industry and it’s been a real journey for me. Getting used to different ways of working, less structure, less people, a new language, (as well as more convenient to home!) has been both fascinating and challenging at the same time.  But some things stay the same and these things have made this journey easier.

    •         A good relationship with my Line Manager with open, honest and regular communication and feedback.

    •         Real clarity about the goals – I know what success is for our organisation and how I can contribute to that.

    •         A supportive environment to work in – I have the tools and the resources around me to do a great job. If I have a question, if I need support or training, it’s there. All I have to do is ask.

    I believe a great supporting framework for these things is a good performance management system – simple, fit for purpose, linked to organisation goals and promoting regular communication and feedback. Tesco did this really well and although it’s different, we do it really well in Talentevo too!


    It’s been exciting to join a company that not only has a good communication framework but also sells it as software as a service!


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