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  • Cloud Computing Group Irish Internet Association | Swift 10 31st May 2012

    Talentevo CEO contributes towards cloud computing adoption in Ireland

    On Monday May 21st the Irish Internet Association (IIA) and National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) introduced Swift 10. Swift 10 is a Government backed standard which supports and provides guidance to companies who wish to adopt cloud computing within their organisation. The standards were launched by Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, TD Richard Bruton and provide guidances to SMEs, large organisations and start-ups on the range of issues that need to be considered when moving to the cloud.

    As a member of IIA Cloud Computing group for nearly three years now it was great to see our latest voluntary contribution get released to the broader business community and hopefully it will be of benefit to a number of businesses.

    Why cloud computing standards are important

    This type of documentation is important to support the future competitive advantage of Irish companies as they transition to the cloud. Maurice Buckley, Chief Executive, NSAI, said that “Many people are already using Cloud computing in everyday life without even realising it.”

    Companies tend to get scared off at times by the word ‘cloud’. It sounds high-tech and complicated! In fact, cloud computing is actually a way of making many processes a lot more simplistic, while reducing cost and saving time.

    Talentevo and the Cloud

    The cloud is an intrinsic element of the Talentevo performance management solution. Our cloud services platform, ‘Microsoft Azure’ offers us the opportunity to provide such cost effective, secure and scalable solution to our customers.

    It means Talentevo customers can access our solution from anywhere and at anytime, assuming they have an internet connection, and from a broad range of devices. 

    It also removes additional costs such as the purchase of hardware and software licences from the process. There is no need to have IT resources with Talentevo.

    Download Swift 10 here

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