Induction: The Key to Employee Retention

The first three to four months are crucial for a new employee.  It is the easiest time to lose a new staff member if they are not engaged with and haven’t been properly inducted into the organisation.

Many managers and employers see the employee induction process as tedious, time-consuming, and an overall waste of resources, but there is evidence that when the induction process is done correctly, employee retention is highly successful.

Many companies invest large amounts of money, as well as their time, into the recruitment process, but fail to follow through with employee induction.  Without engaging properly with new employees and ensuring you provide them with the knowledge and skills to truly become a part of the organisation, you are that much more likely to lose new employees within the first few months.

When faced with a new environment, the first few weeks can be intimidating to say the least.  Being unsure of your colleagues, your position, and even your personal abilities can leave you disengaged and likely to resist fully submerging yourself into the culture of an organisation.  If a new employee is presented with a specific set of ideals, goals, and information surrounding the core values and mission of the organisation right up front, there is a more opportunity for retention.

Although employee induction programs vary from organisation to organisation, three key elements should be present in all:

  • an introduction and familiarisation with colleagues and managers;
  • personal follow-up sessions between the hiring manager and new employee;
  • a mentoring or “buddy” system where an already established employee befriends a new employee.


All three of these key elements will provide a new employee with multiple outlets to seek advice, support, and help if necessary.  Personal relationships are key to building a welcoming and productive environment. By introducing new employees to all members of the organisation you are providing them with a sense that they belong.

This personal touch will enable them to be more comfortable when asking questions, seeking advice regarding new tasks, or offering their input and ideas.

Employee inductions don’t need to be a daunting task that gets put on the back burner with low priority in your organisation.  By effectively planning employee induction and adding a personal touch to the process, you can increase your employee retention and ensure that you are getting the most out of your people.



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