Performance Appraisals, why bother?

It’s that time of year again, we’re all busy trying to close out the year and finalise end-of-year reviews for all our staff.

Why bother doing Performance Appraisals! It’s something we’ve all said to ourselves at one stage or another. There is lots of debate about this especially at this time of year. We’ve seen it on LinkedIn and recently have had interesting discussions on it with some clients and HR experts. One side supports getting rid of Performance Appraisals in favour of more mentoring and coaching. The other, support a robust Performance Appraisal process for all staff during the year.

For what it’s worth, I think it’s about both.  Yes, it is about coaching and mentoring but you need a framework within which to structure this. This framework or high-level plan that provides guidance and direction is the Performance Appraisal Framework. Without this structure and the vision of where you are going as a business, a department or a team, you are really micro managing, dealing with the tasks rather than the overall direction.

Put simply, Performance Appraisals help managers to set out goals for their teams to focus on, find out what their teams are achieving and how they are achieving it. Performance Appraisals ensure your team is focused and results are aligned with the overall business plan. It also helps manager to coach and to develop their team’s skills and behaviours for their benefit and the business.

Performance Appraisals are essential and important to all businesses.  As an analogy, consider Arsene Wenger’s role……. he is effectively managing the performance of his team within a structure, in a focused and aligned way, coaching and developing each team member’s individual skills for their benefit and the benefit of the overall team. Everyone understand the game plan, what position they’re going to play and have the skills to deliver in that position. He doesn’t wait until the end of the season to give his feedback! So if you find yourself wondering about the point of it all, re-focus, re-invest and start managing for a great performance!

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