6 Tips for maintaining good performance management in 2014!

Maintaining performance

Getting the year off to a good start is important to us all and then maintaining that throughout the year is key. Here are 6 tips on maintaining good performance management with your manager so that you can have another engaging and successful year.

1. Regular feedback is good for everyone

Ask for regular feedback. All feedback is good feedback as it helps you to do your job better and to be more successful in your Company. If you do something new, or something challenging ask you manager for feedback, e.g. so how did you think that presentation went? Have you any suggestions on how I can improve the monthly sales report? Keep communication lines open and build a good relationship with your manager. Agree how you will do this with them in advance.

2. Keep good records throughout the year

Keep regular records of your performance, your achievements and your challenges throughout the year. If you get feedback from another person in the Company, note it. Without good records, performance reviews can often suffer from a “recency” effect where the focus is on activities and performance during the previous 3 months.

3. Own your own performance

A good relationship forms the basis of great (and easy to do) performance management. Even where you have strong relationships with your manager, make sure your meeting is booked in. Stick to the process, complete the meetings and document the outcomes.

4. Ask for support

If you need help or support in delivering a particular aspect of your job, discuss this with your manager. Don’t wait for a formal meeting to bring it up. Be proactive and identify possible solutions and take the opportunity to discuss and resolve with your manager in a timely manner.

5. Be open

Don’t focus on the negatives. Listen for the positive feedback and consider how you can develop these skills further. If you are getting constructive feedback, ask for examples. Work with your manager to develop solutions and discuss what support you need from them to better achieve your objectives. Be sincere and honest, treat each other with respect.

6. Participate

Listen to your manager, be ready to discuss their feedback and develop solutions. Prepare feedback for them too where appropriate. Communication is a 2-way process and forms the basis of a good relationship with your manager. Regular, on-the-job feedback, both positive and constructive, should be encouraged both ways!

We’re geared up for another great year and if we can help support and enhance your performance management process then please drop us a line in the New Year.



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