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  • 5_must_read_infographics 24th June 2014

    5 Must-Read HR Infographics for HR Professionals

    We have curated the best HR content on the web for our followers.  The following 5 HR infographics touch upon understanding the stresses your employees may be under, performance appraisal, employee engagement and more.  Applying the knowledge in these infographics will not only lead to a more effective organisation, but a happier one as well.

    1) Travels Effect on Productivity “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”  The motto here; make sure to let your employees take some time for themselves every once in a while.  It’s more important than you think and may very well boost your businesses overall performance.

    hr infographic 1 small

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    2) Desk Rage HR managers mustn’t ever forget what it is that they are ultimately supposed to be doing for their company; managing its human resources.  A resource is something that needs to be treated with care, so don’t forget to monitor a worker’s performance and check for the tell-tale signs of an over-worked employee from time to time.

    hr infographic 2 small

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    3) The History of Performance Reviews Performance reviews are something that have been going on for centuries.  They’ve seen their fair share of criticism, praise, and everything in between.  In the end however, they are a useful tool for businesses, and a great way to make sure employees are reaching their goals.

    hr infographic 3 small

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    4) The Top 7 Mistakes of Performance Management Outlining objectives, providing continuous feedback, and a well-implemented training program are 3 key things which lead to a successful business operation.  In order to get a satisfactory level of engagement from employees they need to be given the necessary leadership and support system in the workplace.

    hr infographic 4 small

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    5) Wasting Away For those of you who think the internet is the biggest distraction to employees in the office, think again.  The two countries who spend the most time on the internet are Canada and the United States, yet these 2 countries have some of the highest GDP’s per hour worked (in dollars) in the entire world.  Perhaps we should be less concerned with blocking workers from using the internet, and more concerned with giving employees a strong set of incentives to make them want to work harder.

    hr infographic 5 small

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