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  • Receiving Feedback 9th November 2013

    The golden rule of receiving good performance feedback

    So it’s performance feedback time! As well as giving feedback, we need to prepare ourselves for receiving some feedback from our team. And in demonstrating your willingness to receive feedback from your team on your own performance, you set the tone for the team in terms of the ways of working and what they can […]

  • why employee engagement is such a big deal 25th September 2013

    Why Employee Engagement Is Such a Big Deal?

    The recession has taken its toll, with sluggish growth, with all-time high unemployment and sharp spending cuts by businesses and consumers, employees are struggling to adapt to the new climate. Employee engagement continues to be an important predictor of company performance even in a tough economy according to the study done by Gallup. Engaged employees […]

  • Evolution of Performance Management: Towards Agile 31st July 2013

    The Evolution of Performance Management: Towards Agile

    The importance of achieving agility In the past, performance management has carried the reputation of a daunting task that neither managers nor employees looked forward to or saw much value in. Annual reviews were the dark cloud looming over organisations at the year end, full of paperwork and meetings keeping every member on their toes […]

  • Employee Induction 24th July 2013

    Induction: The Key to Employee Retention

    The first three to four months are crucial for a new employee.  It is the easiest time to lose a new staff member if they are not engaged with and haven’t been properly inducted into the organisation. Many managers and employers see the employee induction process as tedious, time-consuming, and an overall waste of resources, […]

  • How can HR Drive Agile Organisation 10th July 2013

    How Can HR Drive The Agile Organisation?

    In an ever-changing world where becoming comfortable means that something new is sure to come along and shake things up, it is safe to assume that an adaptable, functional, and agile organisation will come out on top and outpace its competitors. CEO’s recorded in a recent survey done by Accenture that becoming agile is now […]

  • CIPD HR Software Show 11th June 2013

    Talentevo at CIPD HR Software Show: “How technology can transform your people management processes to drive your business”

    We’re pleased to announce that Talentevo will be exhibiting again this year at the 2013 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) HR Software Show on June 19th and June 20th in the London Olympia. The CIPD HR Software Show is about how technology can transform your people management processes to drive your business. At […]

  • Evaluating The Performance - The Role Of Manager 5th June 2013

    The role of Managers in evaluating the performance of their direct reports

    Companies are competing in an ever changing external environment. It is necessary to monitor and understand how these changes impact on employee performance. Relying on the same old traditional process of filling out forms and conducting reviews just once a year doesn’t support these new economic challenges. There is also a shift in the new […]

  • CIPD_Blog_banner 23rd May 2013

    CIPD Ireland Centenary Conference – Great day out!

    Well what a great day we had at the CIPD Ireland Centenary Conference with over 300 people in attendance. A fantastic turnout and good opportunity to network with some of the leading HR professionals in the country. Doreen Gerety, Honorary Chairman, CIPD Ireland opened the conference followed by an interesting line up of speakers on […]

  • why_CIPD 22nd April 2013

    Why CIPD?

    What is CIPD? The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a professional association for human resource management professionals. It is headquartered in London, England and has over 135,000 members across 120 counties. In 2013 it celebrate 100 years of existence. In Dublin CIPD Ireland has more than 5,000 members and has been in […]

  • Objective Setting 11th April 2013

    10 simple tasks for effective objective setting with your team

    Objective setting is the first step of the Performance Management process. It gives you and your team the opportunity to discuss their performance and contribution for the year. By making objectives, expectations and performance standards clear, you will be clear on how to deliver and succeed. Before the meeting 1. Prepare If drafted Review objectives […]

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