Secure and reliable software built on a leading global platform

Talentevo uses Microsoft’s global cloud platform (‘Azure’) to deliver a highly secure and reliable solution. Everything in the one place, accessible anytime from anywhere we are independently tested and adhering to the highest standards.

Easy to setup, available anytime and cost effective

Easy to setup, configure & support
  • Get into production in minutes rather than weeks or months
  • Remove dependency on IT staff
  • No software downloads or plugins required
  • Allows companies to focus on core business
Available anytime, anywhere in a secure environment
  • Information is encrypted when in transit and in storage
  • Key sensitive data also encrypted when stored in Talentevo
  • Secure login and access controls
  • Accessible on any device via a browser and internet connection
Flexibile HR software that’s easy to manage
  • No need for IT people. You can setup and maintain the software
  • Talentevo is easy to configure and map your process onto
  • We can scale to meet your company’s needs & manage peaks effectively during busy periods
Opex versus Capex control your costs
  • Extremely cost effective solution
  • You only pay for what you need
  • No software licences or hardware costs
  • Reduce energy and carbon footprint costs

Benefits of cloud computing

Businesses are quickly starting to appreciate the benefits that can be achieved through the use of ‘cloud computing’ services. Companies want to significantly reduce risk and cost when implementing new software solutions.

Talentevo is a “cloud” based system (Software as a Service) for performance management that removes dependency on IT staff and switches you to a ‘pay as you go’ model. Our HR software can improve a company’s employee engagement and development.

Unlike paying for traditional software licenses, implementation and support as well asssociated hardware, you access Talentevo through a web browser, which is deployed on Microsoft’s cloud platform (‘Azure’), giving you an extremely cost effective, fully secure and scalable solution.

Security is our top priority & it’s a top priority for our customers

Secure data transfer

We encrypt all data using SSL so information can be securely transferred from your employees to our hosted service and back again. It is not possible to login into our system without this level of encryption.

Secure data storage

We encrypt all sensitive information on our servers so individual companies and employees can’t be identified, even we can’t see your information! This is the same encryption standard used by banks to secure customer data and maintain privacy.

Security testing

We perform regular independent security tests, based on best practice, on our service in order to help identify technical and logical vulnerabilities. We’ve also performed security tests from within the application to make sure no privacy issues or data leakage can occur.

Coding standards

Our system is developed to the highest coding standards and software architecture.  We use best practice with our development framework and lifecycle. Our code undergoes both functional and security review on a regular basis to ensure high standards of quality.

Committed to implementing the best security practices

Complex user passwords
We enforce strong password standards using our password management system. This can prevent Talentevo users setting a weak password and reducing the risk of brute force and password guessing attacks.

We have a process to assign administration rights and roles to the system, which is designed to help manage your system securely.

We have focused on authorization controls across the service to help ensure data is only accessible to authorized individuals so users only see the information they are allowed to see.

Physical security
Microsoft manages the physical security for their datacenters and adhere to the highest level of controls. Power systems, backup generators and replication of key data ensure continuity of service and operation.
Data location
By utilising Microsoft’s ‘geo location’ service, our clients can decide where they want their data to reside within the three main geographically jurisdictions being Europe, United States and Asia.

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