We’ve just made the performance review process a little easier!

We’ve been busy gathering customer feedback and looking at ways to make the performance review process that little bit easier using Talentevo.

We have introduced a new status bar that clearly shows where people are in the process and a new help section at each stage in the process.

Performance Review Process

Performance Review Process

We’ve also simplified how employees and managers can complete each stage in the process by having one step that is clearly communicated.

Performance Review Process

Performance Review Process – Feedback


One more new feature now available to customers and partners is our new 360 degree feedback section where employees and managers can now seek feedback from anyone in the organisation.

360 Feedback Section

Performance Review Process – Feedback

We’re really looking forward to hearing what people think of these new features as we continue to improve our service and make the performance review process easier. Sign up for a free Talentevo trial today! Learn more about how Talentevo software works here.



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