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  • Love_hate 2nd July 2014

    Performance Appraisals: Love/Hate

    Performance Appraisals are something we love to hate.  Like going to the dentist – you know you must, you hate going but you just love it when it’s over. Good performance appraisals are also a must but we do hate the practical application.  We do not like to measure other people’s performance. We like to be liked. We hate it because Performance Management starts off with noble intentions, such as “aligning peoples objectives to company objectives, getting the best out of people, employee engagement etc etc.” but end ups with just another thing to do.  Your employee hates it as they know the dominant factor relates to pay and they also believe that they are not recognized for the effort they have put in.

    Performance Appraisals are not something we should do to people but with people.

    Last year was a nightmare and it all ended up being done in December.

    This year is different. You read up on all the best practices and put in place dates to do a quarterly review.  So you set SMART objectives for all your team in January, they were specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bounded.  They were aligned to the companies’ goals, they stretched individuals and everyone took part. You set dates in the diary to do the first review in April.  Now it’s April and once again you hate the practical process.  You hate having to sit down and go through the motions.  But it is important.  You know you will love it once you are finished.

    So how to do it?

    Make sure you have a comfortable room where individuals can talk in private.  Make sure the timing is right and it is not 5pm on a Friday evening.  Do allow enough time.  Take this opportunity to get to know your team.

    Everyone is not the same so do not approach everyone the same way.  Some people may have had shattering life experiences that you know nothing about.  I remember a few years ago one of my employees was going through a separation – he never told me – I never asked.  His work did fall off and when I asked, I was told.  Try to keep up with any changes your team may be facing in their home life.

    Objectives may be impacted by other parts of the business, such as manufacturing, development or marketing.  They can also be affected by what is happening outside the organisation such as a new entrant to the market or new taxes imposed. New positive developments may help. Find out what impacts on the objectives you have set with your employees.  Objectives are not set in stone, now is the time to review and update.

    The objectives may have been set too low in the first place.  Low objectives can result in laziness but over ambitious objectives which are impossible to reach are very disheartening.  Set the right objectives by reviewing them quarterly you will get it right.

    Always remember performance appraisals are not what we do to people but with people.

    Talentevo has very useful hits and tips on how to do performance management.

    Let Talentevo take the hassle out of the documentation of the Performance review process. It will allow you to have the performance conversation without worrying about where you are going to find the time to record and complete the documentation.



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