How it works

Talentevo performance management software

Talentevo is a central hub for the entire performance management process. It brings all the required activities together into an organised, secure, easy to manage environment.
performance management software

Watch our two & half minute intro video

This video covers:

  • Enter & align objectives
  • Print & update profile
  • Track development
  • Access your team & share docs
  • Generating reports

What you can do with Talentevo

Create, collaborate and share objectives between employees and managers, and across your teams. Assign and share competencies and development between employees and managers, and across your teams.
performance management software

Aligning objectives & goals

  • Track performance progress, capture feedback and rating
  • Rate individual objectives as well as overall rating
  • Share comments and feedback between manager and employee
  • Track additional objective information such as dates, weighting, priority and status
performance management software

Assigning competencies

  • Assign individual competencies or across your organisation
  • Track competency progress, capture feedback and rating
  • Rate individual competencies
performance management software

Development plans

  • Assign development and training across your organisation
  • Track and report on time, cost and feedback
  • Develop training plans
Access all of your team from the one source to quickly and easily see where they are in the process and how they’re doing. Easily share and assign information so there’s no more versioning problems. Gives your managers better insight into team and individual performance, trends and skills gaps.
performance management software

Accessing team information

  • HR and Managers can quickly access team and individual information
  • Senior managers can use hierarchy views to access current and archived information
performance management software

Store and share documents

  • Share documents across the company or assign to specific groups and / or individuals
  • Employees can upload documents to their profile and share with their manager
  • HR can upload restricted access confidential documents per employee
performance management software

Dashboards and quick reports

  • Real time HR reporting giving you a corporate view of employees allowing you to export into tools you’re familiar with, such as Excel.
  • See how team objectives relate to company goal
  • Compare individual performance and monitor progress throughout the year
  • Target HR and training investment based on actual data

Easy set up

performance management software - no IT people hardware or software required
Talentevo is simple to use, setup and support. Be up and running in minutes rather than days and weeks. It’s easy to match your process and the information you want to capture. You don’t need IT people or have to buy hardware or software. You can also configure the layout and labeling yourself as well as turning certain features on or off.

World class technology

Talentevo uses Microsoft’s global cloud platform (‘Azure’) to deliver a highly secure and reliable solution. Everything in the one place, accessible anytime from anywhere we are independently tested and adhering to the highest standards. By utilising Microsoft’s ‘geo location’ service, our clients can decide where they want their data to reside within the three main geographically jurisdictions being Europe, United States and Asia. Read more about our technology
Windows Azure

Security top priority

performance management software
Security is our top priority and it’s a top priority for our customers. Talentevo is registered as a Data Processor with the Data Commissioner in Europe. We understand our obligations regarding data protection and have put the appropriate controls in place to manage our customers data.. For more information see Talentevo security and data protection overview. Read more about our security

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