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Talentevo performance management software

Talentevo is a central hub for the entire performance management process. It brings all the required activities together into an organised, secure, easy to manage environment.

Easy to setup, rollout and maintain

Businesses are quickly starting to appreciate the benefits that can be achieved through the use of ‘cloud computing’ services. Companies want to significantly reduce risk and cost when implementing new software solutions.

Performance Management Software
Watch our 2 minute overview video on how it works This video covers:
  • Entering & aligning objectives
  • Accessing user profiles
  • Generating reports
  • Accessing your team
  • Gathering feedback


Talentevo uses Microsoft’s cloud to deliver a highly secure and reliable solution. Everything in the one place, accessible anytime from anywhere we are independently tested.

Performance Management Software

Talentevo is a “cloud” based system (Software as a Service) for performance management that removes dependency on IT staff and switches you to a ‘pay as you go’ model. Our HR software can improve a company’s employee engagement and development.

Unlike paying for traditional software licenses, implementation and support as well asssociated hardware, you access Talentevo through a web browser, which is deployed on Microsoft’s cloud platform (‘Azure’), giving you an extremely cost effective, fully secure and scalable solution.

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No IT People or Resources Needed

Performance Management Software

Talentevo is simple to use, setup and support. Be up and running in minutes rather than days and weeks. It’s easy to match your process and the information you want to capture. You don’t need IT people or have to buy hardware or software.

You can also configure thelayout and labeling yourself as well as turning certain features on or off.

Microsoft Azure - Trusted Partner

Performance Management Software

Talentevo is hosted on Microsoft’s platform as a service called Windows Azure. Windows Azure is a comprehensive set of storage, computing, and networking infrastructure services that reside on Microsoft’s network of datacenters. It is a scalable and redundant network and server infrastructure utilising the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Microsoft data centres undergo ongoing audits with 24x7x365 monitoring and surveillance, onsite security staff and strict access controls. Microsoft Azure backs up two separate instances of your data to maximise resilience and availability, one instance in the same data centre and the other in a separate location. For more on Azure security:

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