5 questions you need to ask yourself about your performance review process

A HR manager asked me recently when should they consider moving to a performance management solution like Talentevo.

So here are 5 questions to ask yourself about your current performance review process and would suggest if the answer is yes to a majority of these then you should consider a solution like Talentevo.

1. Do you find your performance review process takes too long?

Is your performance review process time consuming because you have to track individual paper or electronic documents?

2. Do you use spreadsheets to track staff performance review, competencies and development?

Are you using more than one spreadsheet to track all the different employee activities?

3. Do you find it difficult to create accurate and timely reports?

During the performance review process do you find compiling reports a challenge because you’re pulling information from different sources? Can your reports be prone to error and sometimes lack the full picture?

4. Are you sometimes unsure which file or document is the latest version?

Do you find it difficult sometimes to know which file or document is the latest version of the performance review or what spreadsheet has the latest set of results?

5. Do you find it difficult to know where staff are in the process?

During the performance review process do you find difficult to identify at what stage employees are at and how they are moving through the performance review stages?


Talentevo can ensure staff are aligned with company goals and provide clear insight into the performance review process.

Talentevo supports a high performance culture and provides a consistent and transparent framework for both employees and managers to work with. Talentevo provides a central point to store all your employee information and a simple set of tools to manage the performance review process. We consolidate your information so you can make better strategic decisions.

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