The golden rule of receiving good performance feedback

So it’s performance feedback time! As well as giving feedback, we need to prepare ourselves for receiving some feedback from our team. And in demonstrating your willingness to receive feedback from your team on your own performance, you set the tone for the team in terms of the ways of working and what they can expect from you.

  • Be aware of the ability / readiness of the team member to give you feedback.  Encourage your team to give you their honest views by making it clear that you are comfortable, open and eager to learn.  Bring them on the journey with you and coach and support them in their feedback journey, focusing on the giving as well as receiving.
  • Don’t take it personally!   Take it for what it is – feedback to support you to improve your performance, build up your skills and learn.  This is especially so if it’s something new to them or they are new to your team.
  • It’s all about the data. Focus on examples and if they are not there, ask for examples.  Check your understanding and if necessary clarify. This will help you and them to focus on the right areas.


So if you have not done so already in 2013, give it a go, starting with someone “safe”, e.g. a trusted team member or peer.  Once you start, you will quickly get it and appreciate the benefit feedback can bring to all.

For 2014, set the scene early in the year and get ready for a performance feedback filled 2014!



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