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  • Microsoft, Talentevo, CloudArena 24th April 2012

    Talentevo CEO Trevor Dagg presents with Microsoft on “Building secure HR software in the cloud”

    I was delighted to be asked by Microsoft to present with them on ‘building secure HR software in the cloud at last week’s event run by CloudArena. We’ve been working closely with them, and in particular Josh Holmes who’s an Architect Evangelist for Microsoft, for the last two years making sure our security approach and module is of the highest standards because security is a top priority for our customers, our partners and for us.

    The event was attended by around 250 people and it was an opportunity to share experiences and information which I really enjoyed. The key message I got across was the need to build security into your business from the start rather than trying to bolt it on at the end. Talentevo has undertaken a ‘security journey’ to the cloud passing through several phases before being released into production plus the ongoing process and steps of maintaining the highest levels of security. It was great to share this journey and give people some insight into each of these phases.

    At Talentevo we have an extensive team focused on security and by partnering Microsoft and utilising their global cloud network we have a highly secure, resilient and high performing service that ranks amongst the best in the market place. For more information check out Talentevo security page.

    Thanks to everyone I met at the event and the new contacts made. If there are people I didn’t have a chance to talk with then please contact me through the Talentevo website and I’ll get back to you when I get the chance.

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