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  • Performance management practices in Ireland 19th September 2012

    Survey Findings of Performance Management Practices in Ireland

    We’re delighted to be able to share the findings of a recent survey we ran in conjunction with the Dublin City University Link Research Centre. The objective of the survey was to understand current performance management practices, the range of performance management systems and processes used, and to determine the objectives and challenges facing companies in performance management. The survey was delivered to 1100 recipients with 211 responses. The target audience consisted of CEO’s, senior managers and Human Resources (HR) managers in Ireland.


    Key performance management practices research findings:

    • 87% of respondents indicated that they have a performance management process though only 40% indicated they had a ‘performance management system’
    • 50% use documents, spreadsheets or paper to deliver their process
    • 82% of respondents ranked alignment between employee and company performance as their top priority and 73% of respondents ranked driving a high performance culture as a top priority
    • Only 13% of respondents indicated they had a ‘very effective’ performance management process
    • 50% of respondents hold performance discussions twice a year while 16% have discussions only once a year

    When the effectiveness of performance reviews is analysed by their frequency there are significantly enhanced scores amongst those that carry out reviews monthly and quarterly. Interestingly there is little difference in perceived effectiveness between those carrying out monthly reviews and those carrying our quarterly reviews.

    We believe having a centralised system to support the performance management process can improve effectiveness and outcomes. It’s was interesting to note of the 13% of respondents who indicated they had a “very effective” process almost two thirds were using a ‘performance management system’ and that of the 31% who indicated their process was not effective or neutral 75% have no performance management system. Many thanks to the team at DCU who compiled the feedback and all the respondents who participated in the survey.

    Download survey results by clicking here

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