8 tasks to help you prepare for a final performance review

Over the next 8 weeks, we will be sharing informative blog posts about performance management. Whether you are a manager or an employee these tips will help to improve your performance reviews. Our first post is about 8 tasks that will help you to prepare for a final performance review.

Preparing for final reviews can be a little daunting for some employees so here are 8 hints and tips to help you prepare for a good engagement meeting!

Prepare for Performance Review


Before the meeting

1. Prepare

Review each objective yourself and assess how well you have achieved it. Consider any examples or evidence you have which demonstrate your delivery and achievements:

  • Focus on facts! Objectivity is key for you and for your manager.
  • Note any measurement data you have, e.g. sales, calls per hour, other KPI (key performance indicator) data
  • Collate and note feedback you have had from peers, customers, your manager, others in the organisation

Consider the following questions:

  • What are my achievements?
  • What objectives did I achieve or even exceed?
  • What objectives did I not meet? Why?
  • Where could I have done better?
  • What improvements can I make to be more efficient or to increase my performance level?

Consider any feedback you have for your manager on the delivery of your objectives. Understand the measurement criteria (ratings) set by the company, consider the performance standards and assess each objective. Determine your scores/ratings for each objective and for your overall performance.

2. Organise

Share the draft feedback and assessment of your objectives with your manager in advance of the meeting (ideally 3+ days).

At the meeting

3. Focus

Focus on the meeting with your manager. Engage! This is your opportunity to discuss how you have performed, what’s gone well and where you can consider doing things differently or better in the future!

4. Listen

Listen to any feedback and suggestions that your manager has for you. Take notes! It will help you to develop future development plans and to consider how to build on your strengths and build /improve skills in other areas.

5. Share

Share your assessment of your performance and your reasons (evidence) for this assessment. Share any feedback you have for your manager, e.g.:

  • What did you like about the way they worked with you?
  • What could they do more of / less of?

6. Work together

Work together to review each objective and agree how well you have achieved. Clarify your understanding of measurement criteria (ratings) set by the company, consider the performance standards and agree a rating for each objective. Agree final ratings for each objective and overall rating for your performance for the year.

7. Planning

Agree next steps and timelines for completion. It’s important these are clear and understood by both parties.

After the meeting

8. Review

Complete your steps in this process and set up the next formal meeting in both diaries.

This meeting provides you with the final opportunity to discuss your role, your contribution and your performance with your manager over the performance cycle. This is your opportunity to highlight your achievements and your strengths and consider where you can improve. Preparation, investment and effort during the year can help make this final meeting less daunting, with no surprises – it can be a positive experience for both.

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