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  • Valentines Day 6 Ways to Build Great Work Relationships 11th February 2014

    Valentine’s Day: 6 Ways to Build Great Work Relationships

    “Don’t go breaking my heart….” It is that time of year again so get out there and buy those flowers, chocolates, jewellery and cards to show that special person in your life that you love them. We need to work on our relationship , of course we should be working on our relationship every day but for some reason we make a special effort on Valentine’s Day. Receiving a card or chocolates does make us smile and each year I say – “I will not take my loved one for granted I will show them this year what they mean to me…” and each year I get back into my usual routine, of rushing around everywhere and do not stop to think about relationships.

    So this year it’s time to Stop and think about Relationships – what can I do better? What about work relationships? How can we improve them? Like our social lives we need to keep developing our work relationships every day. Here’s some helpful suggestions:

    • Trust – this is the foundation for any relationship. When we trust someone we seek their opinion and input and we use it. This allows us to do a better job. People who trust each other can openly discuss successes and failures and learn from them.
    • Expectations – manage expectations both yours and theirs. Open and transparent communications is a must. Clear objective setting and plans of action will help you both achieve your expectations and theirs. It will outline what has to be done, by whom and when it should be done.
    • Different – Understand that each employee is different. Each employee is unique; they have difference needs and different expectations. Some people will need more coaching than others; some people may be highly disorganised but brilliant. Recognise and realise the diversity of your workforce. Diversity broadens the answers to our challenges. Once again seek and ask opinions.
    • Lead – by example. This is an undervalued motivator and can nurture a productive work environment. Share your successes with your workforce always including them in the triumph celebrations. Take responsibility and never blame others.
    • Reward – effort as well as success. Reward with praise ensuring everyone is listening. You can also reward by delegation, showing trust and coaching them into new roles and responsibilities. You can send a handwritten note (not a Valentine card) to someone who deserves recognition.
    • Respect – respectful interactions are thoughtful, honest and perceptive. Every interaction you have with your employee matters. Respect is the most powerful ingredient for creating a healthy work environment.

    Working with a great Performance Management process makes your work relationships better. Talentevo provides Performance Management Software that is easy to use, keeps your workforce engaged and motivated, aligns individual expectations with company goals and measures performance.



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