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  • Manchester City 15th May 2012

    What can we learn from Manchester City and agile performance management?

    On Sunday 13th May, Manchester City has won their first English Premier League Title in 44 years. The exciting victory match against Queens Park Rangers resulted in a 3-2 win allowing Manchester City to surpass rivals Manchester United and win the league. This success follows the positioning of Italian Roberto Mancini as team manager in late 2009.

    The question arises how did Mancini manage his team in such a way that rendered such great results? It was certainly not through meeting players once a year to discuss their individual performance. Rob Hughes of the New York Times explains that “Mancini has managed some of the most volatile, unpredictable characters in the sport, and taken them to this title”. Mancini coached and offered continuous feedback to players as members of a team despite how difficult this may have been. Each player knowing their individual importance and strengths as part of the group but all working towards a common goal to win.

    Business managers can learn from this agile approach to the management of high performing teams such as Manchester City. It has been proven that individual employees and teams work better when offered continuous and energetic feedback. A recent study by John Bersin, principal analyst for Bersin & Associates, on ‘Strategic Human Resources and Talent Management’ revealed that “Companies that revise and update goals quarterly generate more than 30 per cent greater impact from their performance management processes than those which implement the old-fashioned review.”

    Agile performance management is the future and its success has been proven. Those business managers who wish to shoot past competitors in terms of performance and achieve impressive results will need to start looking at their staff a bit more like the players at their favourite football club. The rewards will be endless. Let Talentevo assist you with agile performance management.

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