What gets measured gets done

What gets measured gets done but are you measuring the right information?

We’ve all heard the expression “what gets measured gets done,” but sometimes we get tied up with data, scorecards, evaluations and metrics etc. We can get lost in the measurements and forget why we are doing it at all. Do we have the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and are we evaluating the right information?

KPIs are “the financial and non-financial metrics used to help an organization define and measure progress toward organizational goals.” In order words they are metrics to help us understand how we are doing against our targets.

What are your company goals and how do you and your teams’ objectives align to those goals? Is their clarity and metrics around how you can associate what you are doing with what the company wants to achieve?

For example most companies have goals to reduce costs and increase sales in these challenging times but how can individuals contribute to these goals? You have to make KPI’s relevant to the each and every person. Objectives have to be real and achievable and not some lofty high ideals. A good way of achieving this is to use SMART objectives.

Start with company goals, drill them down to department goals then drill down further again to your people.  Then you have alignment and clarity.  Then they can see how they can contribute to achieving overall company success.

It’s important to measure but make sure you’re measuring the right information!



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