So what is employee performance management?

It is about communication, transparency and fairness so that you know what you need to achieve, when and how. You hear regularly from your manager how you are doing and get feedback regularly on your performance. You get the opportunity to give them feedback and to ask them questions.

It’s about expectations. So what’s in it for me as an employee? Do I understand how fulfilling my objectives will benefit the company?

It’s a tool to support managers and their teams to deliver successfully and effectively for their company.


How does employee performance management work? Broadly there are 3 phases of activity as follows:

Setting objectives – this is the opportunity for you to hear about how your role and objectives are linked to company goals. By linking your individual objectives and goals to the company goals in this way helps you to better understand where you fit in, how you contribute and how your success leads to the success of the Company.

Update and record progress – this is an opportunity to check in with your manager to see how you are doing, to get coaching and support from them through feedback, to give them feedback and discuss what support you may need from them.

End of year review – this is a more formal review of the performance period (usually a year) to discuss and agree with your manager how you have done throughout the year against your objectives (and if applicable, development and competencies also).

Remember, employee performance management is simply a process and system. What is at the heart of this is open communication and conversations with your manager. This should happen throughout the year and the employee performance management process is simply used to support and record it at different times, reviewing progress to ensure that your achievements are in line with the Company’s goals and objectives.

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