What’s the role and benefits of being a great Manager

As highlighted in my previous blog managers need to manage and managing employee performance is a key part of being a great manager. Research has shown that managers who get it right can produce fantastic results compared to those that don’t so let’s consider what makes a great Manager:

  • You deliver for the organisation with your team, managing them consistently and effectively.
  • You communicate regularly to your team – acknowledging good work and celebrating success.
  • You are confident in coaching and supporting those that need your help.
  • You continue to develop yourself by listening to and learning from others.
  • Your people are engaged – they are motivated to go the extra mile to deliver for the Company.
  • Performance Management is a tool to help you to be the best Manager that you can be and to deliver great success through your people.

So what’s your role?

  • To support your staff through the Performance Management process especially if they’re new to it.
  • To set the agenda in terms of what needs to get done and also what is expected of your team.
  • To motivate your team to deliver, to go the extra mile.
  • To communicate regularly –both informally and formally through the performance management process. Don’t save your feedback up for the meetings, it should be given at the relevant time that is witnessed to have the most impact.
  • To take the time to understand and experience the process both as a manager and as an employee with your own Manager.
  • To prepare for meetings, meet with your team members and really engage with them. At the core of this is good communication and great conversations.
  • To listen – be open to hear from them about their experiences, successes, challenges, ideas and questions.

And the benefits:

  • You will set up your team to deliver successfully – aligned with company goals.
  • You will have communication priorities and expectations for performance during the year.
  • You will quickly identify where your team are during the year and can direct your attention to where it needs to be quickly and effectively.
  • You will identify weak performance and support it quickly.
  • You will have the opportunity to spot talent and support your employee to develop through the Company.
  • You will hear about how you are doing as a manager!
  • You get an opportunity to give feedback and also to air any concerns or issues that an employee may have and deal with them before they become a problem.
  • You get to drive and experience your team’s success and development which can be very rewarding.

Being a manager isn’t easy, if it was then we’d all be managers, so understand your role and responsibility, appreciate the benefits of investing time and giving direction to your team because the results can.



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